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PBS Bid Inquiry Form

The best way to contact someone is to fill out the PBS Bid Inquiry form on Deltanet. A copy is sent to the Delta PBS Administrator as well as the ALPA PBS Committee.

PBS Bid Inquiry Form on Deltanet

Web App Info and Updates

Address for the Web App: https://dalpbs.navblue.aero/webapp

PBS_Notepad_18_01.pdf -- Q1 2018 PBS Software Updates
Reduced Lower Limit (RLL) Information
Web App Scrolling
NAVBLUE PBS Bidder Guide
PBS WebApp Login and Sync video
Instructions on how to delete your cache


Delta Air Lines PBS Working Group channel

Guides and manuals

It is important that you read the disclaimers on all of these documents:

PBS Basics
PBS Gouge

CQ Bidding Guide
PBS Holiday Bidding Suggestions
NAVBLUE PBS Bidder Guide
NAVBLUE Online html help
Scheduling Reference Handbook

FAR Information

FAR 117 Quick Reference Guide
FAR 117 text at ecfr.gov

PBS Notepads

PBS_Notepad_18_01.pdf -- Q1 2018 PBS Software Updates
Notepad 17-08 -- Holiday 2017 Bidding Support and Q4 Updates
Notepad 17-07 -- NAVBLUE WebApp Updates and Hot Topics
Notepad 17-07 -- NAVBLUE WebApp Updates and Hot Topics
Notepad 17-06 -- PBS Program Updates
Notepad 17-05 -- PBS Program Updates for 3Q 2017
Notepad 17-04 -- PBS Program Updates for 2Q 2017
Notepad 17-03 -- PBS WebApp Updates
Notepad 17-02 -- WebApp FAQs
Notepad 17-01 -- Q1 2017 Software Updates
Notepad 16-02 -- Introduction of New PBS Interface
Notepad 16-01 -- Q1 2016 Software Updates and Reminders.pdf
Notepad 15-01 -- PBS Updates and Reminders.pdf
Notepad 14-07 -- PBS Bidding during Months with Training
Notepad 14-06 -- Shuffling Update and the PBS Bid Award Window
Notepad 14-05 -- Bid Feature Refresher and Delta PWG YouTube Channel
Notepad 14-04 -- Window of Circadian Low Rules and Bidding
Notepad 14-03 -- LOA 14-01 PBS Changes and 2q Software Release
Notepad 14-02 Ordered Pairing Bids
Notepad 14-01 Vacation Slide for In-Period Vacation Days
Notepad 13-04 Q4 2013 Software Enhancements
Notepad 13-03 Vacation Any and Top-Down Inclusion


Reserve Pay Calculator:

PBS Reserve Pay Excel Spreadsheet
Online version of the Reserve Pay Excel Spreadsheet

Reserve Line Simulator

This is a tool that allows you to switch days from X to R and see how many work days you have used in a row, X day blocks, etc. This was created to help answer e-mails with reserve questions. This may not cover every scenario and is offered on a use at your own risk basis.

PBS reserve line simulator in Excel
Online version of PBS Reserve simulator